5 Edible Items that Should Not be Kept Inside your Refrigerator

A $30,000 fridge is reportedly making waves in the market becoming a must-have for those who take their refrigeration seriously. Around the world refrigerators like commercial fridges Sydney shops sell are still used to preserve fruits, veggies and meat items, now with energy saving settings which are better for the environment.

With this season comes an abundance of fruits and veggies you might want to buy and stock up on at home. However, the following list may surprise you when it comes to certain items which should not be refrigerated.


You may have bought or are preparing to buy commercial fridge Melbourne shops sell, however, no amount of refrigeration is good for fresh organic tomatoes. Tomatoes survive much longer in the heat than they do in the cold. Even when they are plucked from the vines and stored, tomatoes are scientifically proven to last longer outdoors. Tomatoes stored in the fridge become rubbery and lose their internal juices which are used for cooking. Instead of storing them in coolers like commercial fridges Sydney shops sell, you can preserve them for longer on your kitchen counter, away from any sunlight, yet still with enough ventilation. Checkout at Cold Display Solutions


In case you are set to buy commercial fridge Sydney shops sell, to store everything including your herbs, head chefs from all over the world would not recommend it. Fresh herbs taste great in food, but the keyword here is being fresh. Refrigeration spoils herbs like basil, thyme, and coriander by making them wilt. Instead of using equipment like commercial fridges Sydney shops sell, you can grow your own herbs in small cups which will look great as well as taste fresh off your kitchen window.


Surprisingly, potatoes are better left in their sacks or in dry dimly lit areas like the pantry in your kitchen. Just as tomatoes, potatoes do not like cold climate where refrigeration may cause them to dampen, retain moisture and rot. The best method suggested to store potatoes is to put them in brown paper bags where moisture can be sucked out keeping them dry in a cool, dark place. Since colder temperatures also cause the starch to become sugar, the flavor of the potatoes may be compromised.


If you have ever witnessed onion bulbs being plucked from the ground, you will know that the papery outer protective layer is missing. The protective red or golden brown layer occurs when they are stored in a dry environment like your kitchen pantry. You also need to make sure that your fresh onions have plenty of air circulation and are kept at a distance from other pantry stored veggies like potatoes. Root vegetables tend to give off gas which may cause rot to spread through the pantry. Also, since you store other edible items as well as beverages, you do not want mold to infiltrate into other packaged food items.


Usually, fresh tropical fruits like bananas, papayas, avocados, and uncut pineapple tend to rot when stored in refrigerators. In case you do buy commercial fridge Brisbane shops sell in the near future, keep in mind to cut your fruit and then store them in the fridge for longer periods of time.

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