A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Tractor Safely

With organic farms sprouting up like mushrooms all over Australia and the rest of the world, learning how to use heavy machinery or farm and building equipment has become a norm for novice interns. Even if you buy tractor slasher equipment and other goodies for your business, training people how to safely use them should be your number one priority.


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The following suggestions are for anyone who is new to the world of heavy machinery or farm equipment, such as tractors and their parts like a cheap tractor slasher.


Safe Apparel


Like any job site that requires the handling of heavy machinery, make sure you are wearing the correct clothes and shoes. Loose sleeves or shorts are not recommended as they might get caught on any of the gears. In case you have decided to buy tractor slasher and are using the tractor in a debris filled zone, make sure you have the correct protective eye gear and gloves as well.


Daily Checks


Heavy machinery not only requires checking the batteries or making sure the oil tank is full, it also requires personal maintenance of the person using it. In the case of a tractor, if you are sharing responsibilities with another person, make sure your seat, gears and other additional tractor parts are all in working condition. This will help avoid any accidents and delay of work during your shift. So make sure you buy tractor slasher.


Drive Safely


Most tractor accidents occur when forgetting to buy tractor slasher and roll limiting gear causes misbalance in the heavy utility vehicle. Along with the built-in seat belts find out what other safety features you can add to save your life in case there is an accident. Always drive tractors under the speed limit and let cars pass you by in case you find yourself on an open road. Also avoid steep slopes and drops where the tractor might roll in either direction, causing fatalities. Always hire a towing service or buy a towing gate for your truck to transport your tractor if needed.


Do Not Give Lifts


For the safety and balance when using a tractor, avoid giving lifts to your co-workers in your driving booth. Usually equipped with only one seat, it would be irresponsible to take on more passengers. If you do have a tractor which has multiple seats or seats at the back, it means your vehicle has the proper center of gravity which can allow more people on your vehicle. Also, make sure you lock up and place necessary fixtures to make sure your tractor is not being taken for a joyride after you have left work. If you work on a farm, then the owner may want you to park it in the designated area and make sure all features have been turned off. As fun as driving a tractor may be, in the wrong or untrained hands, it may cause severe injury and the destruction of the property if you are not careful.


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