A brief insight into the drilling process

There are two types of drilling processes used for drilling the earth; one is vertical drilling and the other is horizontal drilling. As the very name suggests, vertical drilling is drilling straight down.  However, in the case of horizontal drilling, the drilling process turns horizontal at a certain depth. Another form of drilling has now emerged namely Directional Drilling, which is regarded as an offshoot of horizontal drilling and well surveying technology.

Directional Drilling

Control the direction of drilling:

According to experts, the technology involved in Directional Drilling operation regulates the direction and also the deviations involved in reaching the predetermined underground target. That means, you have the complete control of the drilling process so as to regulate the trajectory of the drill bit working underground.

Versatile HDD technology:

In fact, this method of drilling is also called Horizontal Directional Drilling, which is popularly abbreviated as HDD. By using the HDD method, the need for digging trenches for laying underground cable is completely eliminated. This is because by using the HDD technology, it has now become possible to drill trenches underground and also simultaneously lay the pipes and draw the cable. Of course, this method is adopted for laying electrical and telecommunication cables. By adopting HDD system, it will not cause any inconvenience to surrounding structures. Further the damage caused by digging trenches can be completely eliminated.

In some cases, the civic authorities may find the necessity to dig trenches on the road to lay water supply pipes or sewage pipes. This work has to be accomplished causing the least possible inconvenience to the public. In such cases Chain Trenchingtechnology is adopted. The unique features of this technology could be further described as follows:

  • This type of trench will minimize to a very large extent the volume of excavation of the trench. At the same time, it will also help in maximizing the use of trench spoil which is extremely useful in backfilling of the trench. Hence, it will enhance the trench quality excavation.
  • As compared to the other types of trench excavation procedures, the Chain Trenching Melbourne professionals undertake can be extended much wider and deeper as well. This type of trenching procedure is extremely beneficial in excavating land that is very hard to cut. Of course, for this purpose, bucket type chain trencher equipment is used.
  • The Melbourne Chain Trenching can be used to dig shallow and deeper trenches. This can be done by adjusting the boom angle of the blade of the trenching equipment. Wheel trencher is another variety of trenching tool. This is used to cut rock or very hard surface encountered during the trenching process.
  • The type of trencher to be used depends on the soil condition, type of trenching required and several other factors. The chain trenchers are available in several sizes and varying trenching capacities. These trenchers are known for their rugged design.

Economical and accurate trenching tool:

Of course, operating of train trenchers needs abundant expertise and experience. Experts are of the opinion that excavation using Chain Trencher is always economical and accurate too. Further, the Chain Trencher causes less pollution and thereby does not cause any major inconvenience to the people. The chain trenching equipment are also available on hire basis. Visit http://envirolink.com.au/services/directional-drilling.