How buying a Pelican Bay home can change your life

Home building trends transpire over many years. Of late, changes in technologies and also the economy are two of the most significant drivers of change. Modern day real estate buyers tend to be much better equipped when working with contractors, and thus much more selective. This has compelled home builders in Pelican Bay to be more cognizant of consumer demands, primarily in the below areas.

Earth-friendly construction is now a high priority

Possibly the most apparent trend is the mass shift toward using eco-friendly construction materials. These help save natural resources while also reducing waste, improving air quality and boosting your property’s value.

For contractors, the more immediate objective of eco-friendly building is always to cut down carbon emissions. To lower energy usage and boost energy-efficiency, builders must use a number of environmentally friendly building strategies. As an example, external walls made with insulated concrete can safeguard properties from extreme cold or hot temperature ranges. In addition, metal roofing makes buildings more energy efficient by reducing the dependence on heating and air conditioning..

Pre-owned homes are pricier than new ones – in the long term

Another big development is the expanding understanding that buying pre-owned properties might be more costly than buying brand new ones. Based on national figures, it is estimated that within the 1st year of owning a home, over half of all new homeowners will have to deal with unforeseen project costs.

In the first year of ownership, most used home buyers have a tendency to give attention to renovations which will improve the curbside appeal of their property. In most cases, property owners will choose specialists, who often use the best premium materials and so charge much more than home building contractors do. Some other common (and unanticipated) expenses in the 1st year can arise from the desire for a new deck, landscaping costs or privacy fencing.

Rise of the machines: automated smart homes

It appears as if each and every month there are new enterprises rolling out cutting edge automation solutions to help property owners in better managing their houses. In truth, there appears to be a competition among tech giants to handle needs beyond simple sensors to incorporate improvements like wi-fi enabled communication systems and sound sensitive security cameras.

However, it’s worth noting this trend is barely in its infancy and may require more time to develop fully before becoming popular. For the moment, home automation is basically a gimmick. In future, it has the potential to lower electric bills and much better serve the demands of diverse groups. For instance, elderly home owners have a preference for devices that make their daily lives easier, while millennials may prefer a property with comprehensive internet connectivity.

Sunshine Coast is the best place to live in Australia

The Sunshine Coast delivers everything expected to live a harmonious and relaxing life. There are lush villages in Maleny Montville, amazing Caloundra seashores, and large juicy prawns shipped in by boat from Mooloolaba. Pelican Bay is situated in Naples, an extensive development of high end high-rise apartment buildings. The entire spot was developed with quality lifestyle at heart. Greg Norman developed the Pelican Waters 27-hole Golf Course. Additionally there is a private beach, top notch resort hotels as well as a stunning range of store shopping options.

As discussed in this post, the present day home building industry around australia is a lot more dedicated to consumer needs than before. On the Sunshine Coast, both young professionals and retirees and making heavy purchases. With a more discriminating class of consumers, contractors have had to provide more at a lower price. For this reason Pelican Bay properties were created with a focus on creating real communities, although with high end services.