Care services that yield healthy and attractive lawns in Blue Mountains

Having an eye-catching and verdant lawn or garden is what many people desire to have in their homes. If you ever visit a home with a beautiful lawn, you would actually feel tempted to have one in your home. In fact, homeowners with such grassy lawns enjoy exceptional relaxation that you cannot find inside the house. However, healthy and good-looking lawns require proper planning and accurate care. If you intend to improve the look of your lawn at home, it is paramount to consult experts who practice lawn and garden care in Blue Mountains. Some of the care services these professionals offer include:

Feeding or fertilizer application

The lush grass you want to see in your lawn will require fertilizer to grow and remain healthy. However, many people are not sure about the type of fertilizer they should apply and at what growth stage. The quality of nutrients that the underlying soil has will determine the amount of fertilizer the experts should apply on your lawn. According to lawn care experts, you should apply liquid or granular fertilizer twice or thrice per year depending on the growth needs and species of your grass. During summer, the fertilizer you apply should have high nitrogen value to enhance leafy growth. In autumn, the fertilizer you apply should be rich in potassium and have less nitrogen to boost root growth and development.


Lawns in acidic areas are susceptible to growth of unwanted plants such as moss. If your lawn is in acidic place, let the experts apply ground limestone or chalk to raise the pH. During summer or spring, most experts who provide lawn and garden care in Blue Mountains prefer applying weed killers. On the other hand, the experts can teach you how to eliminate buttercups that creep on the lawn, pick dandelions, weeds with tap root system and daises among others. If you are not careful to remove certain weeds in the wrong way, they may keep germinating and make removal task daunting and expensive.


If you ask most lawn owners when they should mow the grass, they may not give accurate responses. However, these experts know the right stage to mow the grass and how to mow it. In fact, experts recommend that you should not mow your lawn if the ground is icy or too wet. You should mow the lawn once per week during spring using sharp blades. You should then collect the clippings and use them as mulch instead of burning them. It is crucial to note that mowing a lawn thrice a week during summer is quite professional since the growth is high. But, this should not continue during autumn since the growth is slow.


Although you may assume that watering is a do-it-yourself task, you should not dismiss the watering tips that these experts highlight. Excess watering may turn the grass brown and even make the ground a pest and disease breeding zone. Proper watering is one of the major aspects that experts who offer lawn and garden care in Blue Mountains take with caution. Let the experts guide you on the sprinklers you should use during dry spells to avoid erosion.