Getting to Know Polystyrene Foam and Its Uses

Do you own anything made of polystyrene? Before you say you don’t, you need to know what this material is first. Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer which is basically transparent but may be dyed or colored. Polystyrene is commonly used and known in most countries around the world as a type of plastic that could be transformed into different products. Polystyrene can be synthesized either in solid form or as polystyrene foam. What are the kinds of polystyrene foams and how or where are they used? Why should you buy or use them?

polystyrene foam

Types of Polystyrene Foams

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) are the two types of polystyrene foams. Extruded polystyrene needs constant extrusion process for it to be manufactured. Thus the foam produced has very small air pockets so the resulting product is both flexible and robust. Since the material has cells with high-density structure, water doesn’t easily penetrate on it.

On the other hand expanded polystyrene is made by allowing heat and pressure to expand and then fuse spherical beads together. Different molds are used to form different shapes of EPS products which are generally lightweight. It can also serve as an effective shock absorber.

Uses of Polystyrene Foams

Both XPS and EPS polystyrene foams are highly used in the construction or building business. For example, panels used in building projects are usually made from XPS styrofoam. They may be used to build houses, apartments, condominiums, and high rise buildings. The EPS polystyrene foam may also be used in construction projects such as in the creation of panel systems which are insulated. EPS may also be formed as packaging foams and used to transport fragile and delicate items.

EPS foams can also be used to make small items such as insulated cups and tumblers, or even large products like surfboards, appliances, and automobile parts. Some types of medical equipment like diagnostic components and test kits are made from EPS foams. In fact, you can say that the majority of products we use at home, work, school, and play are made of one or many types of polystyrene. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Reasons for Worldwide Use of Polystyrene Products

Many companies manufacture polystyrene products and consumers from all over the world buy polystyrene foam or use these products because they are durable, lightweight, and easily portable. Their main composition makes them moisture resistant so they may be used in different types of environment. They are flexible so it’s easy to cut, alter, or transform them into different shapes and sizes.

Since polystyrene products are durable, they can be recycled and used for different purposes. For example, insulated cups may be reused as plant pots, while packaging materials may be transformed into improvised containers. Aside from that, polystyrene is highly affordable. You can find cheap polystyrene foam and other products in most hardware or construction stores. In fact, you can easily find affordable polystyrene foam Australia companies offer just by going online. Click on Poly Productions, based in New South Wales, for polystyrene product options. See more at