Should you rent or buy a home in Queensland? 5 factors to consider

Queensland is one of the most beautiful territories in Australia. Making it even better is the fact that you have plenty of property options, such as Pelican Waters land sales. Many of these possess a nice combination of proximity to Brisbane and the nearby airports, as well as nature destinations, such as Little Mountain and the beaches.


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It’s just a matter of deciding whether to rent or buy a home, and you will enjoy the most out of the state. Consider these factors to help yourself figure it out:

1. Commitment

If you’re planning to stay on the Sunshine Coast or Queensland for less than five years, rentals in Caloundra and other popular areas may be a better choice. Home buying would be less appealing in this case, since it’s a short time to build equity or value.

Renting may also be an ideal pick if you cannot commit your budget to several years of repayments.

2. Affordability

Homes in Australia are some of the most expensive properties in the world. If you’re still living paycheck to paycheck, renting gives you more flexibility concerning the budget. You can also avoid the pressure of raising a possibly obscene amount of deposit.

Another option is to rent and then wait until it becomes a buyer’s market or when property prices decline.

3. Goals

How do you see yourself within the next ten years? If you plan to raise a family, buying a property in, say, Stradbroke Drive Little Mountain or opting for Pelican Waters land sales is better than renting. You can give yourself and your loved ones some stability.

Do you plan to invest? You can purchase land for sale Pelican Waters offers today while it’s still more affordable for you. Then, within the next few years, when developments are in place, you can sell it for a handsome profit. Visit us at Henzells

4. Lifestyle

If you’re a person who loves nature, listed Queensland properties and Pelican Waters land sales won’t disappoint. The latter is within Sunshine Coast, which is famous for its gorgeous beaches. Glasshouse Mountains are less than 35 minutes away, while Moreton and Bribie Islands can be quick holiday getaways.

It doesn’t take you far from city comforts as well. Caloundra is less than 10 minutes away, while Brisbane is a 1.5-hour drive.

5. Freedom

Both renting and buying can provide you freedom, but there may be limitations when it comes to rentals. For example, landlords may prohibit you from making changes in the interiors. You may not be able to bring along or take home a pet.

Renting may also not give you complete financial control. Landlords have the option to increase their rental prices after half a year since the beginning of the tenancy or the last increase.

Choosing between renting and buying is difficult, but these five factors should help you come close to the better decision.

When in doubt, you can always talk to the experts such as Henzells Agency. They can lay down good options according to your needs, budget, and preference.

At the end of the day, you make your own decision. Focus on the one that will give you the best quality of life and satisfaction. More details at,79