Understanding Types of Screws for Your Home DIY Project

Are you about to start your do-it-yourself or DIY home redecorating project? Before you go right into it, make sure you know enough about the tools and equipment you’ll potentially use such as screws. A screw is a hardware tool typically used to fasten one type of material to another and is usually compared to nails and bolts because all three are known to follow basically the same “fastening” principle. You will most likely need screws when decorating or renovating your home so you need to be sure that you are using the right kinds.


Different Types of Screws


Before you purchase any screw for your DIY home project you need to know the different types first. The wood type is typically made of steel and is used to fasten wood pieces to each other. They may also be made of bronze, brass, copper or nickel. Machine type usually made of brass or steel and are used to tie up metal parts together. Another type of screw used to fasten metal parts to each other is the sheet metal screw that comes in either pointed pan head or blunt pan head form. Lag screws are considered the “heavy duty” type because they are used for wood framing and even masonry. They have better holding ability and are usually driven by a wrench instead of a screwdriver. There are also roundhead types that are used to fasten soft or hard metals together.


Screw to Use for Your Home Redecorating or Renovation Project


The wood screw is the ideal type to use for house repair or renovation projects. What’s great about using a screw to fasten different types of material is that in case you need to disassemble them in the future, it’s easy to take out the screw. You can use wood screw type to either fix or customize your old chairs, sofas, or bed frames. You will also need either machine or sheet metal screws for fixing parts of your house that are made of metal like window frames, ceiling, shed, garage, and others.


Pointers in Buying Screws


Once you’ve identified which kinds of the screw to use for your home project, you may go to a hardware shop that sells different kinds of screw and screwdrivers, which is a tool that is used to drill or drive down a screw onto different materials. Take note that there are different sizes of screws to each type that’s why it’s advisable for you to take a sample of the size of screw you need when you go to a hardware store. If you’re not sure what kind of size you need, make a list of repairs you wish to do in your house as well as the materials you’re working with and ask hardware specialists for help. It’s crucial for you to get the best screws possible so you can ensure that it will last for a long time thereby extending the life of your furniture or house part. There are many hardware specialists around Australia that sell screws and screwdrivers. If you wish to buy screws in Australia, visit the website of a hardware company first, like Trade Warehouse Direct.